Luxury Stranger:- Darkness Falls Upon The Light Album & Gig Review

Album released April 28, 2017

All voices and instruments by Simon York except all drums by Kevin Bales, and piano and trumpet on track 9 by Robert Squirrell

All voice and string arrangements by Simon York

Programming by Guy Elderfield
Engineered by Guy Elderfield
Mixed by Guy Elderfield
Produced by Guy Elderfield and Simon York

Recorded at Random Recording Studios, Nottingham UK
Mastered by John P Braddock at Formation Audio, Nottingham

Live Show:- The Waiting Room 16/10/2017

”The live sound is much better now drums have finally mad a return to the stage. The same intensity as the previous drummer who i thought was good but this drummer adds extra flourishes which spruce up and freshen the sound. the same goes for the bass player!! Tight and driving but with a bit more going  which gives the sound more depth and detail. Vocals still rich and chocolatey, the overall sound is still punchy but more so and regains and retains interest!! A longer set this evening which was appreciated. Maybe leave out the banter to keep the set fluid and mess free or rehearse something that is relevant and in keeping with the set.
I bought the album at the gig and i must say that it does not disappoint!! All the guitar and bass on the album was played by Simon York, It’s well produced, rich with good sound separation. Last year i heard the album being played live to a select few people at a cold Chameleon Arts Centre in Nottingham, my view then was positive but sullied by the coldness, sound travels through cold air differently than in warm air so was somewhat less punchy and erm, warm!! As far as the live set is concerned there is no one track where the new bassist adds to the sound, he adds to all the tracks as stated above with more expressive and textured lines. The bass line in ”Wash” is a simple line but somehow it seems fresher!! The bass takes center stage here with a nice guitar phrase singing along in the background , in fact the counter balancing between the two stringed instruments is maintained throughout the album, neither really dominating, more like a happy marriage where both party’s allow each other to speak!! Nothing here gives your ears indigestion to the point where you say ”ENOUGH!!!”

Overall:- 9 out of 10


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