“The Venus Complex” By Barbie Wilde

The Venus Complex Cover

”I’ve been meaning to reading this book for ages and i finally got around to it over this Christmas past. What can i say? Well, i lay in bed in the evening with a bottle of wine on the bedside table and proceeded to peel back the delights encased within the pages. In my case digital pages courtesy of Ibooks.  My First Impression? I felt like i was being arse raped by Ken Dodd holding a knife to my throat & shouting ”what a nice day for ………’  There is disgust, perverted lust, masturbatory murder fantasy,dark black humour, disillusionment with life, disappointment & the need & desire to make ones mark in a fucked up world of compliant dourness. Michael Friday is a Professor of Art History who hates his life and his wife. Things need to change & do they change. Turning drab lives into meaningful ones just as the last breath has been breathed through the use of warped (or logical, depending on your point of view) Alchemy. Michael Friday’s victims/subjects acquire an immortality that they would not have had if they had any say in the matter thus assuring they will not be forgotten…. All this just to get close to Elene. She is the Psychologist at Syracuse University who is helping the local Police to solve the murders happening in the area. What men will do to attract the attentions of a woman eh?

A Fantastic Read, I thoroughly Recommend This Book…….

Will There Be Another Instalment? …………..


Available to Order From Amazon.co.uk From Around £1o or Download For £3.05

Also Available From Ibooks To Download From £3.49

For More Information About The Author:- http://www.barbiewilde.com

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