Mortiis Live!!

Date:- 28/5/2016

Venue:- The Garage, Highbury Corner, Islington, London, Uk.

Support:- Die Kur, Ventenner and Seraph Sin


”Short and sweet this review!! Just like the support for Mortiis, short and sweet! Just enough music from each band on the bill to wet the appetite and get us all ready for the main course! And the main course, Mortiis was mesmerising, in my opinion!! Havard Ellefsen is a seasoned performer, every movement, every dread shake, every shake of the finger was carried out with a purpose, nothing was put on, nothing felt fake, no going through the motions here, this was a real visceral spectacle that had the front row staring glassy eyed with satisfied smiles. Die Kurs set went down well with the crowd, another no nonsense set with no distracting frills or frippery followed by Ventenner, a band i have known about but not heard before! There set was hard and  pulse like with an interesting use of abrasive guitar textures floated of the top of the back beat like rusty gossamer strands! Seraph Sin, the penultimate band on i have never heard of before, i thought they were Italian but in actual fact they were from Scotland. There is a NIN vibe running through all the bands, some more than others, apart from Mortiis! They sound like, ermmm, well, Mortiis!!!”



Die Kur
















Seraph Sin






























Metal 2 The Masses.

Venue:- Nambucca, Holloway Road, Islington, London, UK.
21st February 2016


”A few bands i saw this Sunday passed, all i have seen before at an earlier stage in this competition to find a winner to play at Bloodstock 2016. I missed the first two bands but out of the three i did see Dorylus were worthy winners! The lighting was terrible for Xelas and i lost interest in taking photos of them hence the single shot on here! Sound wise though all the bands were on top form!”














Violent Offender

Violent Offender


























Metal To The Masses Heat 3

Venue:- Nambucca, Holloway Road, London, UK.

Unheard Before The Wake:- Melodic Death Metal

Bad Frankenhausen:- Heavy Metal

Xelas:- Melodic Death Metal

Mercury Rising:- Hard Rock  (Did not see)

”Four Bands playing short sets of around 3/4 songs and then they wait to see who has been voted into the next round by the crowd and judges! I have not seen or heard of any of the bands on tonight’s bill but i did enjoy Xelas and Unheard Before The Wake, very Cradle Of Filth/Dimmu Borgir etc!”


Bad Frankenhausen

Bad Frankenhausen








Unheard Before The Wake

Unheard Before The Wake








Unheard Before The Wake

Unheard Before The Wake









Unheard Before The Wake

Unheard Before The Wake




























Venue:- 02 Academy Islington, London N1



”Brilliant!! Energetic, manic rock n roll from the 70’s and 80’s with a Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin Vibe , swirling guitars solos and a deep and heavy and sludgy bottom end, tinged with hint of psychedelia and mysticism!”

”I was out of he house by 8pm and i was home by 11pm! Sometimes times all you need 3 hours!!’






The Underrunners:- No God No Kings

All Photographs ©ClaudiaBlack2014










“The Underrunners are clever!! They bring out an album that sounds like so many things i have heard before but with the flip of a coin i have no idea what they sound like, apart from The Underrunners. Its as if a clever use of mesmerism has clouded my brain and i am standing in the middle of a park at 3 in the morning thinking to myself ”This looks familiar, how the hell did i get here??” The voice! Warbly like its been processed with chorus and then rinsed with a gargle of water mostly but gruff at other times . And then there’s the guitar, sinewy and shrill,sharp and bendy.Listen to ”Suspended” and you’ll see what i mean!! The bass of course along with the drums does its job keeping all the elements together like a membrane keeping the viscera from going for a wander and upsetting the overall symmetry and function .”Game Over” illustrates my point exactly Nothing is over done here, no over use of effects or other sonic trickery, like a steak and kidney pie with gravy this hits the spot nicely thank you very much!! Oh yeah i have remembered who they sound like now! “Die In The City” manages to sound like latter day Marilyn Manson with FOTN flourishes. “Just like Them” has that dirty sinister & Moody feel a la Nick Cave! “Second Republic” is an urgent romp stomp with Ghost Dance & Flesh For Lulu overtones that puts me on top of a cliff at sunset with the wind in my hair whilst i look off into the distance with the remainder of the suns rays squinting my eyes! All in all this is a good album that is a pleasure spending 45 odd minutes listening to. A few days after my first listen i still have a few tracks doing their merry dance around my head (Suspended/The Officer) and listening to other stuff is not erasing them! Job done wouldn’t you say??”














“The Underrunners are good live too!! What else can i say? Tight, confident,well rehearsed and the sound mix at The Hope And Anchor on Saturday night was excellent. I’d like to see them play at a larger venue at some point, not too large though because i don’t want the intimacy or the vibe to be lost in an expanse of space but we’ll see what the future brings, i expect it to be bigger things!”

“Check these guys out, they are definitely worth a look!!”



DSCF0973 copy











No God No King out now on Itunes, CD Baby and all good music retailers!!!



Track Listing:-


1:- Joyrider

2:- Antihero

3:- Game Over

4:- Suspended

5:- Just Like Them

6:- Second Republic

7:- Gone Generation

8:- It Ain’t Hell

9:- The Officer

10:- Die in the City

11:- Face to Face

12:- The  Party’s Over