The (Jay Aston’s) Gene Loves Jezebel Interviews 2017









Date:- 26/6/17

Venue:- The Black Heart Camden, London.

”After spending the early summer touring around Europe not only playing to appreciative crowds on their own but also with The Mission Gene Loves Jezebel played a rare London Show at The Black Heart Camden to promote the brand new album ”Dance Underwater” and where i caught up with Chris Bell, James Stevenson and Jay Aston in the Bar. Initially i was going to interview just Jay but  that was changed to  James but when i turned up at the bar to prepare i happened to be sitting directly across from Chris so i introduced myself and did an impromptu interview before moving on to James and then finally Jay!! He does not really like doing interviews before gigs but was very gracious in giving me some time!! The recordings of those interviews are below, i apologise in advance for the sound quality!!”






”Good afternoon dear readers, how are you today? Brilliant, i am fine thanks for asking! Anyway today i thought i’dreview the recent album released by father & daughter duo SPC ECO (Or Space Echo if you prefer) The father as Curve fans will know is Dean Garcia (he of the wonderful bass creations/producing) & Rose Berlin (she of the breathy & dreamy vocal).

This album is superb!! It send shivers down my spine, conjures dreams, draws out reminiscences, dissolves pain & induces sleep.  I get images of low camera shots in late afternoon, cool breezes, shadowy figures seen through translucent sheets made of silk. i look up & see deep blue early evening skies just revealing the twinkle of the stars. Funnily enough i don’t hear Curve in this at all, i hear Elizabeth Frazer (not surprising seeings that Elizabeth Frazer is one of Rose’s Influences) & All about Eve circa ”Ultraviolet”. The album i play to death at the moment that gets my blood boiling & my juices flowing is ”Katá ton Daímona Eaf̱toú” by Rotting Christ. That dear reader is a damn good album! ”Sirens & Satellites” is a damn good album too & to me it is the perfect counterpoint to the above. If fact why don’t you listen to both & post here in the comments section your views?


Track Listing:-

1:- Fallen Stars

2:- Delusional Waste

3:- Zombie

4:- Hold You Up

5:- High On It

6:- The Whole Day Long

7:- Make Me Stay

8:- Hold On Me

9:- Don’t Need Fear

10:- Tweet Fields At Night

11:- Sirens & Satellites

12:- L.O.L The witch is Dead

13:- You’re Cold

14:- Free Fall

15;- Found