Siiiii :- ANCIENT

©Siiiii All Rights Reserved

©Siiiii All Rights Reserved

”This is good this is!! I discovered Siiiii through the Mick Mercer Radio Show & i’ve been alternating play between Leisur: Hive’s ”3 Ton Edition” & ”Ancient” There are similarities!!

On first listen this sounds like Brendon Perry crossed with Birthday Party Crossed with Swans.It is haunting, pensive, grinding with pleading elements! The images in my head are of broken combustion engines, cogs and flywheels & lots of oil! Now i see the cuff of a blue dress, the embroidery torn & muddied!! Cut Throat razors and stropping! Dripping blood, wild eyed emphasis & enthusiasm!! The feeling of falling……………Into cathartic waters!!

I’ve now been listening for 20 minutes & now more layers are peeled back! The vocal surprises with Morrisey/Dave Gahn accents!! Although this  is not intentional that is what springs to mind for me!! Coincidences? (Takes trip to bathroom with arse wiggling whilst listening to ”Rictus”) Arse still swaying to ”Equator” but i now have a sneer & intense look on my face!!

Jaunty guitar flourishes that remind me of another Yorkshire band,ermmm who are they now??

First Impression:- This is blooming marvelous!!!”