Date:- 31/10/2017

Venue:- The Lock Tavern, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London.


”The other night i was asked by Shaun, one of the dj’s at Wicked Spins Radio, if i’d pop along to the Lock Tavern in Camden to check out a band called Crows, he said they are a good band that are on the up and destined for great things so i said i would go,check them out and write this review. I  turned up around 7:45pm where i met a friend and chatted for a while  before the support, a band called Krushed Puppies took to the stage. Sounding a bit like L7 or Hole but with weak vocals in want of energy and to be honest a bit ”whiney teenager”. There was a lack of oomph in said vocals and on occasions it was way out of tune. The drums were to high in the mix and the bass didn’t sound poignant enough in my view!! I was glad when they left the stage to be honest!!”

”The tables were removed for Crows and i can see why now because within 10 minutes of Krush Puppies leaving the stage the pub was already filling up for the headline!! The vocalist took to the stage in a dress/wig and dressing gown and mainly performed back at the band and not to the audience. or  if not  doing that spent a lot of time actually  in the audience or standing on the bar. There was a fair bit of crowd surfing too. The set on this Halloween night consisted of only covers from bands of pedigree such as Black Sabbath/The Ramones/The Damned and The Cramps  with the last track a cover of the Hives ”Hate to say i told you so” !! A band  full of energy that is reciprocated by a crowd that is as raucous as the sound. obnoxiously so on occasions, a total antithesis to other gigs i have been to where everyone just stand around politely or is too scared to let themselves go. I went to gig last week and everyone in the crowd just stood passively with arms folded apart from one guy who stood in the middle of everyone going absolutely mental!! Tonight there were many more going mental!!”

”Anyway, this was a good covers set, i shall make a date to see them perform their own stuff soon. a good band!!”



The (Jay Aston’s) Gene Loves Jezebel Interviews 2017









Date:- 26/6/17

Venue:- The Black Heart Camden, London.

”After spending the early summer touring around Europe not only playing to appreciative crowds on their own but also with The Mission Gene Loves Jezebel played a rare London Show at The Black Heart Camden to promote the brand new album ”Dance Underwater” and where i caught up with Chris Bell, James Stevenson and Jay Aston in the Bar. Initially i was going to interview just Jay but  that was changed to  James but when i turned up at the bar to prepare i happened to be sitting directly across from Chris so i introduced myself and did an impromptu interview before moving on to James and then finally Jay!! He does not really like doing interviews before gigs but was very gracious in giving me some time!! The recordings of those interviews are below, i apologise in advance for the sound quality!!”







Venue:- The Boston Music Rooms, Tufnell Park, London.


”These guys are like Magi!! The sounds that can be conjured from their guitars is pure magic. Sure other bands are just as competent with their instruments but the whole here is greater than the sum of its parts!! The image, the smells emanating from the stage and the production, it just does it for me. Inconcessus Lux Lucis are a great live band, they are raw and stripped down, monochromatic shades that emphasis rather than drown and dull!! A melodic sludge played out in the shadows!! If i ever get the chance to walk through London’s sewers then Inconcessus Lux Lucis is what i want played as my accompaniment!! Black is the canvas, the bass flicks paint like a heavy brush, the guitar offloads  paint laden wire flicked with abandon and the drums are  paint cans, lids removed and dropped from a great height!! There is something visceral going on here, it’s like my base needs are being catered to without all the sugary bullshit getting in the way!! Pure sucks out the pure!!”




Gene Loves Jezebel Live!!

Venue:- The Black Heart, Camden Town, London.

Date:- 26th June 2017


”The first time i saw Gene Loves Jezebel  was in 1988 at the Bristol Bierkeller  and then i see them twice in a month this year. Once at Wave Gotik Treffen where they played a blinding set in front of around 400/500 people and then the other night to around 80 people at The Black Heart in Camden. First onstage at just  after 7:45pm was Evi Vine. To be honest i don’t know much about Evi’s solo output so this set was a first for me. The music was very pensive and dreamy, i felt like  i was crawling through a shallow pool surrounded by trees and mist trying not to succumb to a hypnotic soporific. This is the sort of music i want to listen to whilst ensconced in a comfy chair…… And it sounds like a sparser All About Eve and like the band Darkher or come to think of it, Jarboe who i saw at WGT too. Like Jarboe there was no talking between songs which i prefer. Evi did say at one point that she does not talk between tracks as it throws her off her performance, i mean, you don’t need to talk, don’t force banter if it does not feel right, just play. I did overhear one audience member say ”I can’t wait for GLJ to come on cos this lot are putting me to sleep” Hmmm, not to everyone’s taste then??”

”Gene Loves Jezebel came on at 9pm and played until  around 10:30. There was only one difference to when i saw them in the 80’s, i’ll leave that up to you to guess what!! The band were well received when they came on and started off with ”Upstairs” from the album ”Promise” followed by a mix of other known tunes and new tracks  from new album ”Dance Underwater” which is released on the 30th June. This will be the first album released by the band in around 20 years with Pete Walsh back on producing duties! He produced the album ”The House Of Dolls 29 years ago which was a great album and he was the only person wanted to work on this new offering! Since it’s release i have a had a listen and it is a very  poppy album, the first  track ”Charmed Life” has an auto tune feel on the vocal a la Cher and the single ”Summertime” is a very breezy and fizzy track and had me tapping the side of the stage when i heard it live . This is the best work in ages the band say and from what i have heard i tend to agree with them!!  Jay was very chatty between songs, flirty with the audience and keeping them onside throughout the set, totally different feel to the support. His voice was stronger than from what i remember from 1988 gig, a point not lost on me when i saw the band in Leipzig and it was filled with liberal smatterings of ”huh huhs” and chirps. This was a rare London show and the Black Heart Camden was good place to have it.The venue has a good sound, is intimate, has good ale and is near to the tube!! All in all this was a good night of music thoroughly enjoyed by all, the encore was a version of ”Desire” and then they were gone!! I bought a t shirt and then so was i!!!”








Skinny Puppy Live!!!!

30th May 2017

Kentish Town Forum, London

Support:- Ventenner




”Skinny Puppy were on form this evening sharing songs of protest, tracks that question, music that pisses off and provokes a reaction, unlike at a One Direction gig where the only reaction you’d get from me  is of moving quite swiftly towards the exit!! The kentish Town Forum was quite full, not as full as when i saw Rob Zombie as there was space at the back  you could still walk through but a good crowd none the less. This would be the first time i have seen Skinny Puppy since they played the same venue around 2005. Nivek Ogre came onstage wearing a hypodermic needle suit, an allusion to his past addiction that needed attention due to the needles coming out or bending.There was a triangular display showing projections behind Nivek which complimented the stream of consciousness matter of fact abrasive vocal delivery that was filtered through a vocoder. I always  found this vocal delivery sinister and at times disturbing but always fascinating! It’s like listening to someone being garroted whilst they are suspended inside a rusty  drainpipe dripping with rancid water. I can almost taste the rusting metal and the cold foulness of the water!! The sound mix was excellent and i found myself shoulder bopping through out the set, as if trying to create some more room for myself inside the aforementioned drainpipe !! Standout tracks that go my shoulders bopping were ”Fascist Jock Itch” , ”DogShit” , ”VX Gas Attack”, ”Worlock” and ”The Choke”. The sound was strong and the vocals did not disappoint in any shape or manner, this was a fully rounded set!! It is a shame that i found the Ventenner set disappointing!! In my humble opinion the sound mix was terrible, there was no sound separation and the bass sounded too loud. I stood stage left left, then right and finally centre but the sound still sounded awful!! I think Ventenner are a good band, think NIN/Numan and the new album ”InVidia” is really good from what i have heard so far!! Track one is a screamer!!! I have seen them before at The Hope & Anchor in Islington and the sound there was a darn sight better!! maybe on this occasion the mix was slapdash so as to not upstage Skinny Puppy????”

”One other thing:- is there any chance Skinny Puppy T shirts could be made out of a better quality cotton?? A softer brushed cotton perhaps?? Just saying!!”

Skinny Puppy Set list:-

1:- Jahya

2:- Dogshit

3:- Fascist Jock Itch

4:- Death

5:- Tin Omen

6:- T.F.W.O.

7:- Curcible

8:- Hardset Head

9:- Village

10:- The Choke

11:- Worlock

12:- Killing Game

13:- Assimilate

14:- VX Gas Attack

15:- Candle









Venue:- The Underworld, Camden Town, London, UK.

Date:- 25/10/16

KAMPFAR!!!!! An Old Norse Battle Cry meaning Odin or Wotan!!

Abraham Ben Jacob:- ”Never before have  I heard uglier songs than those of the Vikings (in Slesvig). The growling sounds coming from their throats reminds me of dogs but more untamed!” 10th Century AD



”The last time I saw Kampfar was last year when they played at the Dome in Tufnell Park supporting Gorgoroth! They grabbed my attention more than Gorgoroth, the energy was captivating, the rhythm was intoxicating and presence of all the band was stereolithic! A brief biography, the band has been in existence since 1994 when  Dolk  parted ways with his previous band called Mock. The band started as a duo and their first release was a self titled mini cd followed by their first album in 1997 called “Mellom Skogkledde Aaser”. These guys are no wall flowers, you know they are there, they pull your attention and it is kept for the duration of the gig!! I’ve always found Kampfar spine chilling, i’m not fully up to speed with all their catalogue yet but what I have heard is sublime!! ”Mylder”, 6 minutes of raging goodness accented by a teasing airy and somewhat mocking flute, ‘Swarm Norvegicus’, rousing and bombastic, the guitar cutting through you like cheese wire! In fact the whole experience of listening to Kampfar is like listening to an opera whilst being garrotted with cheese wire, and loving it!! Dolks guttural utterances  mirroring your own gurgles as the blood spews out of your neck!!  I was on a bus the day after this gig listening to ”Glory Ablaze” and I was in a trance, a look of insular musings on my face and a propensity for uncontrolled jerking, I had a need to break out and thrash my head about but I could not, I was on a bus! Any one looking at me would have thought I  was mad! I was having an experience, a visceral experience, it was  like an orgasm but better, prolonged!! The set list for tonight gig consisted of tracks from albums, in no particular order:- ‘Kvass’ (2006), ‘Profan’ (2015), ‘Djevelmakt’ (2016). I was listening to ‘Lyktemenn’ whilst writing this, I went into a trance again, sorry!! And the other albums are:- ‘Heimgang’ and ‘Fra Underverdenen’. After skimming through all the albums online I have found some gems to explore in more detail and to be honest although there are some tracks that I don’t like the majority are satisfyingly brilliant, for example ”Hymne” from ”Mellom Skogkledde Aaser” and ”Troll, Dod Og Trolldom”  from the album ”Fra Underverdenen”.


”I know what  I like and I like this band!!”














Ministry Live!!

Venue:- The Kentish Town Forum, London, UK

Date:- 20/8/2016

NO unauthorised use of Images!!!!

Al Jourgensen

Al Jourgensen










”I didn’t know if i’d make this show! I sent numerous emails to different agencies requesting photo passes and not one had the decency to email back with a positive or negative response, which i find is disgraceful!! Not knowing if i had got a pass or not i decided to go to the show anyway, with my not so good back up camera, i was not expecting a pass to be waiting for me, and a massive hangover from the night before. When i arrive at the venue the security assumed that i was press and ushered me inside the venue to get my pass, which was a good start!! I tell the girl behind the glass who i was working for and she looks through a long list, my name is not on it!! Another girl looks through the list again and again my name is not there! Finally she radios for advice and then picks up a clip board, what’s underneath? A photopass!! Brilliant i thought! Why can’t these people email confirmation, emailing is so easy and it takes no more than 30 seconds to send one, i know i’ve done it!!”


Al Jourgensen

Al Jourgensen












”Anyway, on to the show! Ministry had just taken to the stage when i arrived, i could hear the loud raptures of the crowd as the trademark abrasiveness commenced! I fought my way through the dense crowd to the front, entered the photo pit and took 31 photos with my shit camera for 3 songs! One photo i did not get was when the bassist flipped me the bird, the camera conked out temporarily! The band were up for a great show and so were the crowd, there was plenty of energy directed at the stage, lots of air punches and horn gestures! I’m not au fait with all Ministry’s out put but i remember NWO, Just One Fix, Stigmata and as an encore Psalm 69. Most of the tracks got my foot stomping and my head banging especially the aforementioned tracks!! There was a great energy in the venue and it was packed to the rafters. Thoroughly good show and i’m glad i went!!”



1:- Hail to His Majesty (Peasants)

2:- Punch in the Face

3:- PermaWar

4:- Rio Grande Blood

5:- Señor Peligro

6:- LiesLiesLies

7:- Waiting

8:- N.W.O.

9:- Just One Fix

10:- The Missing

11:- Deity

12:- Stigmata


Encore 1:-

14:- Psalm 69

15:- So What

16:- Khyber Pass

Encore 2:-
17:- Gates of Steel
(DEVO cover)












Saturnalia Temple Live!!

Venue:- The Black Heart Camden, London, UK

Date;- 29/2/2016

All Images:- ©ClaudiaBlack2016


Saturnalia Temple

Saturnalia Temple









”I’ve seen Saturnalia Temple once before and that was last year at The Tufnell Park Dome  here in London. The were on the bill with Czech metallers Cult Of Fire who are bloody fantastic live by the way! There was a good crowd in tonight to see the three bands on the bill, Rclcvse, Inconcessus Lux Lucis and Saturnalia Temple! I did not see Reclvse but Inconcessus Lux Lucis  were really good! Intense, ritualistic and melodic with a tight and rehearsed set that had me sitting on the benches stage right shaking my head like i had a problem  with tiny bugs that would not separate from my hair without some vigorous encouragement!! I’ve not seen I.L.L before, i instantly liked them and will check them again in the future!!   Saturnalia Temple are from Sweden, they class themselves as Black Magic Metal! It is most definitely  Black! The darkest black that one can muster! Their sound is like a forge hammer incessantly hitting the head, it is sludgy with a hypnotic quality that lulls you into a daydream! I dreamt of dark forests, i could smell the scent of pine needles mingling with the aroma of decay! I could see low hanging mist in my minds eyes with the peaks of mountains insinuating themselves into the grey sky above. I can see a wilderness untamed and free of the bullshittery of modern life and i loved it!! At times it felt a little monotonous, some would find untamed nature monotonous, but just as i thought that my mind was brought back on track with a well place smattering of riffery, like a chunk of slate sliding off a rock face and falling majestically down into the tree tops below!. This is a band to listen to whilst laying supine in a dark room  imbibing some mind relaxing substance of  choice or whilst roaming through the depths of The Tiveden!! I would say that Black Sabbath is a big influence so is Burzum! Aroma Stoner Ritualistic Black Metal i’d say!!”


Inconcessus Lux Lucis

Inconcessus Lux Lucis



















Inconcessus Lux Lucis:-


Saturnalia Temple:-


Venue:- The RoundHouse Camden 18th October 2015



The Sisters Of Mercy

The Sisters Of Mercy











”Now that i have slept and metabolized all the doom bar i drank last night and fortified myself with chicken livers i can offer my thought on last night proceeding s at the RoundHouse!! Black Moth were more enjoyable than The Sisters Of Mercy!!! Their sludge rock sound was a lot more interesting to listen to because it was fresher and played by a bunch of people that have not been hamstrung by age and thus still have a spring in their step. Andrew Eldritch sounded tired and it felt like he was going through the motions at times. The music did not have the oomph it had back in the day and all i could hear at times was screeching!! I mean seriously, how long can you keep on serving the same fare to your admirers without adding something new to the mix to freshen and spice things up?? But people are not there for new stuff are they? They are there to hear the old classics that were the sound track for a generation of goths back in the early eighties to the early nineties! ”First and Last and Always” , ”This Corrosion”, ”Lucretia” , ”Temple of Love” etc did not sound the same to me and i did not have the same level of enthusiasm for them as i used to. I think the high priest of Goth forgot the words to Temple Of Love too if i am not mistaken! I think i’ll listen on vinyl/cd/mp3 from now on and get my kicks that way!! i got bored after taking a few photos, which was bloody difficult from where i was standing on the right hand side of the stage not only because of the dry ice but also because of the jostling!! I could not be bothered to fight my way into the front row so i took some shots from the side and went in search of some ale, way too much ale for a Sunday night but hey….”



Harriet Bevan Of Black Moth

Harriet Bevan Of Black Moth




















” I’m not at all familiar with Black Moths output but they sound a bit like BRMC crossed with Black Sabbath crossed with The Stooges. I just listened to their track ”Room 13” on YouTube, it’s a cracking track!! Harriet Bevan’s vocals sound like something i’ve heard before but when i think i have got my answer it slips back into the recesses of my brain with a teasing smirk accompanied by the refrain ”No you haven’t!! No you haven’t!!….!! They were definitely on the money tonight and looked like they were enjoying themselves, to start with not many people were in the auditorium to experience them but gradually the place filled up and eyes and ears aligned themselves in stage direction showing genuine interest!!”



The Sisters Of Mercy

The Sisters Of Mercy











”To sum up, i am glad i went!! i am glad to have had the experience!! It was nice to see a harem of Goths all under one roof and it was nice to bump into old friends from the past! will i go again in 10 years time, if Andrew Eldritch still has some energy left? Who knows……….”






The Underrunner, Rude Mechanicals & Alternative TV, 15/8/15

Venue:- The Dublin Castle, Parkway, Camden, London.


”The Underrunners have a new guitarist!! Yes they do!! For reasons of a creative nature Pete Vincent has left to be replaced by Andi Emm!! Where as Pete has a more laid back and slightly drunk 50’s vibe going on Andi brings a more urgent Death Rock feel to the proceedings. Not better just different!! The set included tracks from their current album ”No God No King” such as ”Joyrider” , ”Antihero” & ”Suspended” One thing i was not that impressed with was the sound though, no fault of the band but the mix sounded muddy and the bass a bit flat!! Not big fat and punchy as it usually is. The set by the band though was faultless and i wait to see what Andi brings to future shows once he has bedded in!!

Andi Emm of The Underrunners

Andi Emm of The Underrunners

The Underrunners

The Underrunners

Miss Roberts of Rude Mechanicals

Miss Roberts of Rude Mechanicals

”The Rude Mechanicals i have never seen or heard of before, what are they like you ask?? Well my first impression was something akin to Nina Hagen crossed with Lena Lovich! Weird, bizarre and surreal and disjointed and, erm, mechanical! Miss Roberts, the vocalist wore a blue frilly dress, a piled high wig finished off with a white face, i found her strangely charismatic!! Note to self, must see this band again!!”

I didn’t see much of Alternative TV!! i left the stage area to go to the loo and buy refreshments and when i came back the place was packed!! i couldn’t be bothered to fight my way through to the front so i listened from the back by the exit! What i heard was not my cup of tea so i left…