CAULDRONATED Live At proud camden, THE SHACKLEWELL ARMS, HACKNEY & 93 feet east, brick lane.




”Two out of the last three Cauldronated shows i have missed due to venues imposing ID scanning on it’s patrons as condition of entry. The middle of these shows was a stonker of a gig at The Shacklewell Arms in Hackney. Back to that in a while, first i must say that no matter how much i love a band and their music i will not submit any ID as a condition of entry!! Checking to see if i am over 18 is no problem but scanning passport details onto a database and holding that data for an indefinite period is not something that i am prepared to buy into. Proud Camden decided that ID scanning would be implemented in 2012 as part of their license renewal by Camden Council. Apparently the club is/was a trouble magnet and the current systems to mitigate said trouble were not working!! There are/were coat/bag checks by security and there are numerous cctv cameras around the venue and Stables Market area monitoring for trouble/potential trouble. This was not good enough so they have decided to dig into civil liberties and basically tar everyone as a potential troublemaker. Most people that go out to clubs/pubs and bars are not intent on trouble, they are out to enjoy their evening, have a beer or two, meet friends, maybe have a bite to eat, basically to unwind!! Now, going ”through customs” is part of the fucking ritual. I for one am not having it!! Bands and punters alike that go to these venues are in effect condoning this behaviour and i think that boycotts should be established to hammer the point home that this policy is wrong and has to be stopped. When their profits decrease they will listen. It’s not compulsory to go to these places so why are people consenting to their civil liberties being arse raped by a bunch of money grabbing so and so’s who don’t give a shit about you but only their bottom line??”



‘The Shacklewell Arms on the other hand was a different kettle of fish. No security on the door, no ID scan, it was as easy to get into as slipping a finger into a moist fanny. The aforementioned ”Arms” is a five minute walk from Kingsland High Street and Old School in decor, not one of these bland minimalist modern pubs with about as much personality as a fart with the piquancy removed. There were numerous bands on the bill including Heman Sheman etc but i was there to see Cauldronated. As usual they were tight, well rehearsed, professional and on the money. Sound quality was excellent in my opinion which added to the roundness if you like of the ¬†set. Thanks to the venue and David Harman for that. The venue was packed for the set too which always helps, it’s nice to perform and see loads of faces staring back at you right?? Eva Menon is self assured,travails all the space available to ¬†express her views on life, money, consumerism,life etc and Dave Barbarossa as always the solid light and strong chassis under a well oiled machine.

And on to 93 Feet East, Brick Lane. They were scanning ID with the enthusiasm of a small child that has just been given a new toy to play with and doubling the time taken to enter the venue. I would have lost the will to live if i had joined that bloody queue so after having a brief chat with a security woman and the venue manager who kept reminding me of my choices as if i was not already aware that i had any choices i left to get a bus back to The Angel Islington to buy more wine.

To sum up, Cauldronated are a great band, they deserve more support BUT i will not go see them or any band for that matter if i have to go through ID scans!! I don’t care if it is Fields Of The Nephilim, Rotting Christ or the reanimated corpse of Sir Jim Morrison, i’m not going!! This attack on civil liberties has to stop in my opinion!!”


Who agrees with me???











Cauldronated at The Shacklewell Arms :- 5/5





This is intriguing, it is enigmatic, It is Sublime! When i first heard this track i was not so sure about what i was listening to but as you are aware dear reader, sometimes patience is a virtue. What impresses me is the childlike enthusiasm in the vocal bordering on the stubborn & determined & the minimalist drum centric sound.I had a look around the inter web for the meaning of “IBOSSA” with no luck but the 1950’s Brazilian meaning of the word “BOSSA” seems close enough. “Someones Knack of playing or singing Idiosyncratically”

Me Likey, Me Likey A lot!


Cauldronated are:-

Eva Menon – Vocals
David Harman – Synths and Production
Dave Barbarossa – Drums