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Venue:- The city Of Leipzig, Eastern Germany.

”Its that time of year again when the annual pilgrimage of Goths all converge on the city of Leipzig for 4 days of dark chicanery!! There will be bands, exhibitions, clubs, lectures, theatre and movies in over 50 venues across the four corners of the city. And there will be free travel on the trams and buses with your event pass as well, which means more bucks for your booze!!!! I will be here for a second time after an enjoyable jaunt last year. This year i shall get to see many new bands and old favourites and i’ll get to go to the venues i did not get to last year!! I said in a previous review that you need to go twice to get the full experience of the event plus the sights of Leipzig itself!! I remember last year getting lost a few times on the transport system and ending up taking a long trip to a venue that i could have gotten to more easily if only i’d taken a tram, ie The Felsenkeller. On the bright side i got to travel on a different rail line which will be handy for future use!! Who’s playing at this event i hear you ask!! Well we have a large assortment of sonic confectionery that includes The Mission, Desperate Journalist, Saigon Blue Rain, The Agnes Circle, VNV Nation, Revolting Cocks and Sex Gang Children to name but a few!! And of course loads of bands i’ve never heard of like Black Nail Cabaret and Bloody Dead and Sexy!! ” As of writing there are over 145 bands confirmed for this years festival, more will be added/or deleted as the events nears!! And again as of writing i do not know of what parties/clubs or DJ’s will be on the roster as yet but that should change over the coming days and weeks!!”

”Apart from the event the city of Leipzig has many things to keep you from descending into the cellar of boredom. You will probably have an exhibition at the central station, there is the Monument To The Battle Of Nations, The Panometer Leipzig, The Grassi Museum and if you are into football then there is the Redbull Arena!! There are Goths into football, i know cos i have met them : )”

See you there folks!!

Below are a few teasers for your aural delectation:-












The Infinite 3 & Riot In Paradise Live At The Unicorn, Camden, 19/2/2015










”Out of the blue i get a message from a friend stating that The Infinite 3 were playing at the Unicorn on the 19th February. I was busy but had a listen to their stuff on Spotify. ”Sounds Familiar!!” i thought!! This sounds like a now defunct band called Leisur:Hive that i first saw around 2004 when the Marquee Club was resurrected in Leicester Square. The glory days of The Marquee long gone and this reincarnation did not last long! Anyway i digress. The Leisur:Hive were a damn good band!!”

”Dark,Angular, grinding with cold Stark vocals sometimes pleading, sometimes despairing and broody….. So i did a quick Bing and it turns out that Dan Knowler is the one and same Songwriter!! So, i decided to stop what i was doing and pop up to The Unicorn for a listen. They are very good i must tell you, similar musical stylings to Leisur:Hive but gone were the monochromatic suits, replaced with a more indie attire.Apart that is for the Bass player who looked like someones dad having a blast indulging in his secret hobby that the wife does not know about! He hardly faced front for the whole set either just stood there facing the drummer, i suppose i can’t blame him really, there weren’t many people in the audience to play too anyway so why bother facing a sparsely populated room?. Paul Humphreys springs to mind for some reason!! This band need further investigation!!”











”Riot In Paradise on the other hand sounded discordant to me on first listen. I kept trying to latch onto something that would pull me into sync with the whole but i kept ”dropping the ball” So i focused on Michi Sinn, the vocalist! She was fascinating, visually and performance wise, like a Siouxsie/Debbie Harry/Poly Styrene/Courtney Love Hybrid. She looks like she is channeling the Chi of all four!! Now i think of it she is channeling Clare Grogan as well!! ”I’m gonna rip you ta, i’m gonna rip you ta, i’m gonna rip you ta Pie Ces!!!!”. I love the track ”Relentless”, it’s about an old beau that won’t take a hint, i’ve been there, wishing they’d get over it before i stabbed them in the neck!! I’m listening to ”So depraved” on Soundcloud whilst i type, what a track!!! It has the ”Lived Through This” about it, damn raw, damn sore and damn depraved, a voice matured with a gargle of Listerine and iron filings!! The guitar on ”Threat2Kreation” has a Virgin Prunes feel to it, emphatic like a sharp knife repeatedly being jabbed into bare flesh!!”

I’ll definitely go see Riot In Paradise again!!!












‘My feet hardly move when i hear this but my crotch undulates angrily & with purpose! My eyes become narrow slits & my teeth grate to the point where i think they will splinter!! This is fabulous! Right now i don’t care about the lyric, i care about the feeling it evokes! Aggressive, angsty with a big pointy index finger stabbing you in the chest leaving a big red sore mark for posterity……”

”And it sounds like Curve, not surprising really seeings that Dean Garcia is involved”