Cauldronated Live At The Queen Of Hoxton, 20/12/14

Venue:- The Queen Of Hoxton, The Junction of Worship Street and Curtain Road, Shoreditch London.

Date: – 20/12/2014

Update:- Since writing this review and forgetting to post it (How professional of me!!) a tower of characterless glass has been erected opposite the venue!!

”The night before i had one of my usual boozy binges and i overdid it as per usual! One should have stopped after the first bottle of wine but no i had to ruin everything!! Saturday afternoon i woke up with no memory of the night before and with the early stages of flu setting in. The flat was a mess, there were bottles everywhere along with empty plates replete with chicken bones, bread and indecipherable vegetables! I was in no state to go out Saturday night, i had no energy and my face looked like i’d been slapped around with spatulas simultaneously on each cheek!! ”I must make an effort” i said to myself!! So after numerous black coffees, paracetamol and rounds of toast i got ready in a half arsed fashion and then dragged my barely alive carcass down to The Queen Of Hoxton.”

”The Venue was located on a corner at the far end of Worship Street in the city of London opposite, well opposite nothing really, there was a building there but it’s not there now, another part of old London pulverised to nothing probably to be replace by more characterless glass. After negotiating the barriers and if i may say so, very accommodating staff, i entered the venue and descended the stairs to the stage/bar area!! I was just in time. Cauldronated were the stage and getting ready for the forthcoming set. Eva going through her pre set routines whilst Dave Barbarossa made final adjustments to his drums. The crowd was not an alternative crowd tonight. Totally different people to the crowd i am used to but there was plenty of them. A mixture of locals and out of towners readied themselves for the force that is Cauldronated!!”

”I have seen Cauldronated many times this year and as the year has progressed so has the confidence and presence of Eva Menon on each stage. Each gig is a progression, a letting go, an opening up, a statement of intent!! She uses the stage with much for fluidity, marking her territory with the the words that are spat forth with a subtle hint of ”don’t mess with me!!” If Cauldronated were a F1 car engine they would be this past seasons V6 that won the championship for Mercedes!! Well oiled, all the components working in perfect harmony with each other and fuel/air mix just right to facilitate the perfect explosion!!’

”Ibossa, Ring Of Khan, the new single ”BUY THIS THING!!” all went down well with the ”normals” in the crowd, there was a lot of foot tapping in front of me i noticed whilst the group of girls sat behind me on the left side of the stage looked on with expressionless faces but the feet tapping under the tables showed their true emotions!! As i have noticed from other gigs that Cauldronated have played, the venue is packed for their performance and thins out like an Arctic Foxes winter coat in the summer sun when they finish!!”

”These Guys have got something, if you’ve not noticed!!”

They know that!!



With Schadegeddon, Lady Janes Revenge and Salt

Venue:- The Urban Bar, Whitechapel, London.

Date:- April 2nd 2016









”The last time i saw Cauldronated they were bedding in a new bass play, a chap by the name of Andy Duke. The bass added to the sound but at that stage he felt like a session musician brought in to round out the sound, someone on the periphery! Tonight though Andy had melded into the duo, he had been ”Cauldronated” The alchemy had been completed, the sound was full, rounded and tight and everyone performed their task like the components in a well oiled machine! All the tracks sounded fresh to my mind, they were given fresh impetus, I was reminded of a Roman Legion, drilled and drilled and drilled until everyone is on message! All working together to push forward incrementally! Small but determined steps turning into giant leaps!! Blinkered determination, the world will be conquered, resistance is futile, you will submit!! The venue was empty, the venue filled and then emptied again! The magic was cast, the ritual was fulfilled, nothing else was wanted or needed, time to go….





……The warm up acts did  their work though! Schadegeddon with their punky folk cabaret played mostly to a small crowd who enjoyed the set, there was no cock on show tonight though, the sex ferret was covered up for some reason, maybe the band have modified their show to not cause offence and to attract a bigger audience or maybe bacchanalian show cockery is now old hat, who knows! Lady Jane’s Revenge are from Cornwall and they sound like Faith No More and i have not heard of them before! I was reminded of Nirvana, Mudhoney, the guitarist looking Cobain/Gilmouresque and the singer doing an impression of an Imam on speed!! Not really my cup of tea but i found the band enteraining!! I did not see Salt, i was satiated!! I’ll check them out another time.































Lady Janes Revenge

Lady Janes Revenge





























Lady Jane’s Revenge












Tonight was the first time i went to the new incarnation of The 12 bar Club. Now located on Holloway Road it is within a leisurely walk from my home. So that was what i did, i took a leisurely walk to the venue via Tesco and when i entered the venue i instantly liked the place. When it was an Irish bar called Phibbers i never went in but i think i will do from now on!! The venue is L shaped and decorated with lots of wood. You turn left when you enter and the bar is to your right, with seating on the left. Walk ahead and then descend some steps and turn right and you are in the stage area. Above the standing area there is a balcony with seating if you wish to have an elevated view of the proceedings. It’s reminiscent of the old venue but bigger, i like!!








Anyway, i was only here really to see Cauldronated, my views on the other acts will be brief. I saw She Makes War first. This was an acoustic set comprising of a single lady, when i say single, she was alone onstage, i have no knowledge of her relationship status. Anyway she played a Ukelele and occasionally used a megaphone and a sampler. What else can i say? Oh yes, she was from Bristol and indulged the crowd with a lot of banter between songs and her voice when singing reminded me of Sophie Ellis Bexter. I’ll have to listen to some more of her output later.

Cauldronated were up next!! As per usual there were a fair few people in to see them and only them. Once the set was over they were off to entertain themselves elsewhere. What can i say here that i have not said in other reviews? A bassist was added to the live set up and gave  some added groove to go with Dave Barbarossa’s excellent drums! Eva was on top form at the apex of the trio doing what she does best, enthrall, captivate and mesmerize!! I’ll give zero marks for the interface on the Ipad though, deciding to act like a cunt a few times during the set which unfortunately upset the flow. These unwanted hiccups were dealt with quickly and professionally and everyone moved on. I urge anyone who has not seen Cauldronated yet to put a mark in your diary for their next show because they are really that good!! Don’t take my word, come see for yourself!!!

Finally, The Men Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing!. I left the stage area after Cauldronated to go to the bar. I should not have done that because i could not get back to where i was originally. i had a side view of the band from the bar and i was behind the PA so i could not take any decent photos or experience the sound properly. What i heard was good but i left soon after the third track and will have to listen to some of their tracks online.

Cauldronated Live at The Unicorn, Camden, 30/1/2015


“I have seen Cauldronated many times and an observation I have time and time again is that most of the crowd have turned up for Cauldronated and Cauldronated only. Whether they play first, second, third or headline the punters crowd into the auditorium to hear their well rehearsed and foot tappy delights and then leave as swiftly as they arrived. What is it about them that captivates? Charisma is high on the list! Eva Menon and Dave Barbarossa could stand stock still for 45 minutes in some kind of chiaroscuro performance art piece and still enthrall an audience to death. You either have it or you don’t and these guys have it in abundance!!!!”


“As I have stated in previous reviews the set is highly polished, well rehearsed and Eva has become a more confident and consummate performer. She owns that stage and makes the proceedings compelling and intriguing!! This was the light that shone brighter than the other performers on this bill and in my opinion they just have to try harder. I do remember briefly having a listen to the last artist on stage, David ID, and I found his soundscapes interesting and they deserve further investigation but the performance had the enthusiasm sucked out of it by the fact that there was only a few people left to witness it. David ID called it quits after I’d heard two tracks mumbling, if I remember correctly ” What’s the point?” Grab peoples attention and don’t let it go I suppose is the point!


Cauldronated can be found also on Facebook and SoundCloud and Itunes

CAULDRONATED Live At proud camden, THE SHACKLEWELL ARMS, HACKNEY & 93 feet east, brick lane.




”Two out of the last three Cauldronated shows i have missed due to venues imposing ID scanning on it’s patrons as condition of entry. The middle of these shows was a stonker of a gig at The Shacklewell Arms in Hackney. Back to that in a while, first i must say that no matter how much i love a band and their music i will not submit any ID as a condition of entry!! Checking to see if i am over 18 is no problem but scanning passport details onto a database and holding that data for an indefinite period is not something that i am prepared to buy into. Proud Camden decided that ID scanning would be implemented in 2012 as part of their license renewal by Camden Council. Apparently the club is/was a trouble magnet and the current systems to mitigate said trouble were not working!! There are/were coat/bag checks by security and there are numerous cctv cameras around the venue and Stables Market area monitoring for trouble/potential trouble. This was not good enough so they have decided to dig into civil liberties and basically tar everyone as a potential troublemaker. Most people that go out to clubs/pubs and bars are not intent on trouble, they are out to enjoy their evening, have a beer or two, meet friends, maybe have a bite to eat, basically to unwind!! Now, going ”through customs” is part of the fucking ritual. I for one am not having it!! Bands and punters alike that go to these venues are in effect condoning this behaviour and i think that boycotts should be established to hammer the point home that this policy is wrong and has to be stopped. When their profits decrease they will listen. It’s not compulsory to go to these places so why are people consenting to their civil liberties being arse raped by a bunch of money grabbing so and so’s who don’t give a shit about you but only their bottom line??”



‘The Shacklewell Arms on the other hand was a different kettle of fish. No security on the door, no ID scan, it was as easy to get into as slipping a finger into a moist fanny. The aforementioned ”Arms” is a five minute walk from Kingsland High Street and Old School in decor, not one of these bland minimalist modern pubs with about as much personality as a fart with the piquancy removed. There were numerous bands on the bill including Heman Sheman etc but i was there to see Cauldronated. As usual they were tight, well rehearsed, professional and on the money. Sound quality was excellent in my opinion which added to the roundness if you like of the  set. Thanks to the venue and David Harman for that. The venue was packed for the set too which always helps, it’s nice to perform and see loads of faces staring back at you right?? Eva Menon is self assured,travails all the space available to  express her views on life, money, consumerism,life etc and Dave Barbarossa as always the solid light and strong chassis under a well oiled machine.

And on to 93 Feet East, Brick Lane. They were scanning ID with the enthusiasm of a small child that has just been given a new toy to play with and doubling the time taken to enter the venue. I would have lost the will to live if i had joined that bloody queue so after having a brief chat with a security woman and the venue manager who kept reminding me of my choices as if i was not already aware that i had any choices i left to get a bus back to The Angel Islington to buy more wine.

To sum up, Cauldronated are a great band, they deserve more support BUT i will not go see them or any band for that matter if i have to go through ID scans!! I don’t care if it is Fields Of The Nephilim, Rotting Christ or the reanimated corpse of Sir Jim Morrison, i’m not going!! This attack on civil liberties has to stop in my opinion!!”


Who agrees with me???











Cauldronated at The Shacklewell Arms :- 5/5








As per usual Cauldronated played a tight and professional set with no hiccups but to a sparse crowd that had not really warmed up yet because it was still early in the evening. They were the first band on at 10:30pm for a 30 minute set. Their music does not warrant an opening slot and would have been more appreciated if they had been put on second or even third. Alas myself and the band had no say in the running order so we had to make do. The second band on which were a blues duo had more of a response from the crowd because they were sufficiently warmed up & they even danced. I think familiarity was a factor. If Cauldronated were to play a set at AC in the future who knows what the response might be. All i can say is that exposure no matter how little is better than no exposure at all and at least punters will have left the venue after a hard nights perving with a new band name ringing in their ears!! Lets hope that curiosity leads them to future shows elsewhere!!

One thing to note about the set is this, Eva Menon suits a larger stage! She becomes herself, more expressive, more forceful, larger than life, as if shackles have been removed from her ankles and the room has been flooded with pure oxygen. What can i say about Dave? He knows the game, he’s on the money, doing his thing like a well oiled machine! The beating heart of this eight limbed beast!



Ok, What’s next???






Buy This Thing

Radix Malorum

Inside My Mind

Raymond Zane

Though in Hell

In This World


Please refer to my other posts on Cauldronated for Links, i thank you!



Well dear reader, what can i say about Cauldronated Live after experiencing their audio/visual delight on video? Still enigmatic, still sublime, danceable & a thoroughly good listen. Dave Barbarossa’s drumming is precise & hip gyratingly groovy & Eva Menon extricates her thoughts in a shout/talk style like a precocious soul who is fully aware of what is wrong or right with the world.She has a very strong visual presence that  backs up  verbosity which at times is minimal & at others extensive.Her look holds your attention.I think it was around the track ”Radix Maloram” that some wit in the crowd shouted out ”Cheer Up love!” which elicited a nice smile from Eva.  The sound at the venue was good i thought apart from a mic cutout midway through the set,apparently someone opened the fire door & in the process pulled out a cable. But Dave’s professionalism kicked in & kept the set going with no stops. They could be playing at a much better venue though & they will soon i’m sure. Also RoadTrip was too small for my hair.I got annoyed briefly at having to leave the main area a few times to let other punters out &  i lost count of the times my luxurious curly mane got caught in someones ring or bag strap. Note to self, tie hair up when in small venues!

Onwards & Upwards I’d say!!


 Set List:-

1 IBossa,

2 The Ring of Khan,

3 Radix Maloram,

4 Buy this thing (power cut).

5 Raymond Zane,

6 Though in Hell,

7 In this World.