”I was having a short break in Belfast with a friend at the end of August which included a road trip around County Donegal and when i got back to Belfast it was suggested that i go to Dublin to attend this festival. I was reticent at first but after a short bout of coaxing i relented and bought a ticket. So 3 days after getting back from Donegal i was off again to the Irish Republic for an afternoon and evening of heavy psych!!”

”The Voodoo Lounge is a club/music venue situated on the north bank of the river Liffey with 2 bars, 2 stages and a woman selling flip flops and chuppa chups in the loo, my first port of call when i am feeling hungry!! And the sound system was very good, manned by attentive engineers!!”

”All of the bands on the bill sounded very Black Sabbath/Led Zeppelinesque  except for Vulpynes, a female duo that were very L7 sounding with a hip thrusting and lip sneering attitude. Just drums and lead guitar with plenty of reverb and fuzz. In fact, apart from Solstafir i’d heard of none of the bands on the bill so this festival was in a sense a blind punt! A punt that turned out well!! The aforementioned Vulpynes were worth the listen along with Crowhammer and Lord Vicar, Gorilla Pulp and Witch Sorrow. If you like your music sludgy and the consistency of  blackened treacle then check out the bands i have mentioned!!”

”And then there was Solstafir:- Very earthy and peaty in sound, with undertones of sulphur. It’s a sound that conjures up images of a sparse landscape scarred by millions of years of geological activity, i see geysers and sulphur clouds and windswept beaches overlooked by snow topped volcanoes. This is a sound that cannot be mistaken for anything else, no other band sounds like Solstafir, this sound is unique in flavour except perhaps for a hint of  Fields Of The Nephilim in the bass sound , just a subtle hint though!! They are another band that conjure up images of open landscapes, feelings of desolation, isolation and introspective thought. When you watch a Solstafir video one gets the rawness and honesty of the landscape, the stripping away of pretence, you are in the moment where you can live and breath without restriction from without or within, there is a focus in my view, everything superfluous evaporates because it is exposed for what it is!! Superfluous!!! I think the track they opened with was ”Silfur – Refur” from the new album ”Berdreyminn” or ”Dreamer of Forthcoming Events”, which i have listened to a few times, it gets better and better with each listen though it’s not ”Otta” so don’t expect it to be!!”

”Solstafir played for around 60 minutes, an enjoyable 60 minutes i must say, the set felt like they had played for a lot longer, an hour and a half would’ve been great but i won’t grumble!!”

”As i said, this was a punt that paid off, i thoroughly enjoyed the festival and it’s offerings and i think i’ll pay a visit again in the future!! ”





Venue:- The Boston Music Rooms, Tufnell Park, London.


”These guys are like Magi!! The sounds that can be conjured from their guitars is pure magic. Sure other bands are just as competent with their instruments but the whole here is greater than the sum of its parts!! The image, the smells emanating from the stage and the production, it just does it for me. Inconcessus Lux Lucis are a great live band, they are raw and stripped down, monochromatic shades that emphasis rather than drown and dull!! A melodic sludge played out in the shadows!! If i ever get the chance to walk through London’s sewers then Inconcessus Lux Lucis is what i want played as my accompaniment!! Black is the canvas, the bass flicks paint like a heavy brush, the guitar offloads  paint laden wire flicked with abandon and the drums are  paint cans, lids removed and dropped from a great height!! There is something visceral going on here, it’s like my base needs are being catered to without all the sugary bullshit getting in the way!! Pure sucks out the pure!!”





LifeLover Konkurs










Album:- Konkurs

Release Date:- November 26th 2010

Label:- Prophesy


”I’ve listened to this album before but today i thought it deserved some more of my attention, and it held it! This is great!!!

Desolate, miserable, cold, cutting, wet, despairing, dark humour, it’s like being cut by a rusty, wet and blunt razor blade whilst sitting in a puddle of your own piss, at night under a muffled red street lamp surrounded by glass, and rodents! Textured and hypnotic with screeching that jolts out of reverie!! What else can i add?? Not a lot! Shoe gaze in places mixed with post punk slivers topped off with generous shavings of metal, black metal, of course one would expect nothing less!! LifeLover started life in 2005 in Sweden and are credited with  being a big influence on the metal sub genre of Depressive Suicidal Metal. If you are going to be depressed and suicidal then be it with style!!”

Stand out Tracks:- Strangt P.G.A Semester and Bitter Reflektion















Saturnalia Temple Live!!

Venue:- The Black Heart Camden, London, UK

Date;- 29/2/2016

All Images:- ©ClaudiaBlack2016


Saturnalia Temple

Saturnalia Temple









”I’ve seen Saturnalia Temple once before and that was last year at The Tufnell Park Dome  here in London. The were on the bill with Czech metallers Cult Of Fire who are bloody fantastic live by the way! There was a good crowd in tonight to see the three bands on the bill, Rclcvse, Inconcessus Lux Lucis and Saturnalia Temple! I did not see Reclvse but Inconcessus Lux Lucis  were really good! Intense, ritualistic and melodic with a tight and rehearsed set that had me sitting on the benches stage right shaking my head like i had a problem  with tiny bugs that would not separate from my hair without some vigorous encouragement!! I’ve not seen I.L.L before, i instantly liked them and will check them again in the future!!   Saturnalia Temple are from Sweden, they class themselves as Black Magic Metal! It is most definitely  Black! The darkest black that one can muster! Their sound is like a forge hammer incessantly hitting the head, it is sludgy with a hypnotic quality that lulls you into a daydream! I dreamt of dark forests, i could smell the scent of pine needles mingling with the aroma of decay! I could see low hanging mist in my minds eyes with the peaks of mountains insinuating themselves into the grey sky above. I can see a wilderness untamed and free of the bullshittery of modern life and i loved it!! At times it felt a little monotonous, some would find untamed nature monotonous, but just as i thought that my mind was brought back on track with a well place smattering of riffery, like a chunk of slate sliding off a rock face and falling majestically down into the tree tops below!. This is a band to listen to whilst laying supine in a dark room  imbibing some mind relaxing substance of  choice or whilst roaming through the depths of The Tiveden!! I would say that Black Sabbath is a big influence so is Burzum! Aroma Stoner Ritualistic Black Metal i’d say!!”


Inconcessus Lux Lucis

Inconcessus Lux Lucis



















Inconcessus Lux Lucis:-


Saturnalia Temple:-



Venue:- 02 Academy Islington, London N1



”Brilliant!! Energetic, manic rock n roll from the 70’s and 80’s with a Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin Vibe , swirling guitars solos and a deep and heavy and sludgy bottom end, tinged with hint of psychedelia and mysticism!”

”I was out of he house by 8pm and i was home by 11pm! Sometimes times all you need 3 hours!!’