Date:- 31/10/2017

Venue:- The Lock Tavern, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London.


”The other night i was asked by Shaun, one of the dj’s at Wicked Spins Radio, if i’d pop along to the Lock Tavern in Camden to check out a band called Crows, he said they are a good band that are on the up and destined for great things so i said i would go,check them out and write this review. I  turned up around 7:45pm where i met a friend and chatted for a while  before the support, a band called Krushed Puppies took to the stage. Sounding a bit like L7 or Hole but with weak vocals in want of energy and to be honest a bit ”whiney teenager”. There was a lack of oomph in said vocals and on occasions it was way out of tune. The drums were to high in the mix and the bass didn’t sound poignant enough in my view!! I was glad when they left the stage to be honest!!”

”The tables were removed for Crows and i can see why now because within 10 minutes of Krush Puppies leaving the stage the pub was already filling up for the headline!! The vocalist took to the stage in a dress/wig and dressing gown and mainly performed back at the band and not to the audience. or  if not  doing that spent a lot of time actually  in the audience or standing on the bar. There was a fair bit of crowd surfing too. The set on this Halloween night consisted of only covers from bands of pedigree such as Black Sabbath/The Ramones/The Damned and The Cramps  with the last track a cover of the Hives ”Hate to say i told you so” !! A band  full of energy that is reciprocated by a crowd that is as raucous as the sound. obnoxiously so on occasions, a total antithesis to other gigs i have been to where everyone just stand around politely or is too scared to let themselves go. I went to gig last week and everyone in the crowd just stood passively with arms folded apart from one guy who stood in the middle of everyone going absolutely mental!! Tonight there were many more going mental!!”

”Anyway, this was a good covers set, i shall make a date to see them perform their own stuff soon. a good band!!”




Mortiis Live!!

Date:- 28/5/2016

Venue:- The Garage, Highbury Corner, Islington, London, Uk.

Support:- Die Kur, Ventenner and Seraph Sin


”Short and sweet this review!! Just like the support for Mortiis, short and sweet! Just enough music from each band on the bill to wet the appetite and get us all ready for the main course! And the main course, Mortiis was mesmerising, in my opinion!! Havard Ellefsen is a seasoned performer, every movement, every dread shake, every shake of the finger was carried out with a purpose, nothing was put on, nothing felt fake, no going through the motions here, this was a real visceral spectacle that had the front row staring glassy eyed with satisfied smiles. Die Kurs set went down well with the crowd, another no nonsense set with no distracting frills or frippery followed by Ventenner, a band i have known about but not heard before! There set was hard and  pulse like with an interesting use of abrasive guitar textures floated of the top of the back beat like rusty gossamer strands! Seraph Sin, the penultimate band on i have never heard of before, i thought they were Italian but in actual fact they were from Scotland. There is a NIN vibe running through all the bands, some more than others, apart from Mortiis! They sound like, ermmm, well, Mortiis!!!”



Die Kur
















Seraph Sin





























Savages Live!!!

Venue:- The Tufnell Park Dome, Tufnell Park (As if if it would have been anywhere else!), London, UK.











” When i arrive, late due to the traffic, the show was three tracks old! The pace was  packed and very steamy.There was no photo area so i had to make do with snapping from within and on the periphery of the crowd. Savages are just that live, savage. The sound is repetitive and hypnotic. is funky and hard and melodic and is very reminiscent of early Siouxie and The Banshees! The comparison  jumps straight out at you and presents itself with no delay or distraction! This is  clear on tracks like   ‘The Answer”, ” She Will”, ”Fuckers” but mostly on ”Strife” and ”Marshal Daer”PJ Harvey jumps out at you when listening to ”TIWYG” but mostly its pure Savages!! The set was full of energy and the band did not let up until the end, Jhenny Beth indulging in a bit crowd surfing near the end, i think it was the track before ”Fuckers”. My first time at a Savages show, well worth it in my view!!”
















Venue:- Electrowerkz, Islington, London.

Date:- 28th November 2015


All Images ©ClaudiaBlack2015

No Copying with permission!!!


”This was another night put on by Post Punk Club and Deadfall Management at the world famous Electrowerkz in Islington, which by the way needs our support at the moment due to cross rail attempting to get their grubby paws over OUR creative space, which is not on!! Anyway, the bands! i was supposed to see  Psydoll and Global Citizen at The Resistance Gallery in Hackney last year but due to part of the sound system blowing up Global Citizen pulled out of the event. Psydoll played on though with a cobbled together sound system which was terrible in my opinion but i applauded the fact that they decided to carry on with their set, after all the travelling they had done it would have been wasted energy and money if they hadn’t. On this occasion however the sound was  much much better and fires/loud bangs and what have you were none existent. Psydoll, what can i say about Psydoll now i hear them with a decent sound system? They are a cyberpunk/industrial duo that have been in existence since 1997 that consists of Nekoi Psydoll on  vocals/Keyboards and Ucchi Psydoll on guitar/programming. The sound is very idiosyncratic and takes time to get into, the guitars are sublime and the vocals delivered in Japanese with a childlike bent in places. I like but not as much as Global Citizen!!”

























Global Citizen are very cerebral, deep and dark!! They are like a key to the subconcious, the words are sparse mostly and one is left with simple refrains that echo around inside of your head waiting for a life event to happen so that the meanings appears. photographs developing  in a bath of bromophen! They are also primal, all my moves come from the groin! They are a  band of contrasts, deep deep black, gun metal greys, metallic tones and bright whites!! Enough said, i like!! Oh, and they hvae a passing resemblance to Gary Numan!!”


Global Citizen

Global Citizen









Global Citizen

Global Citizen
















VENUE:- THE Hope and Anchor Pub, upper Street Islington, N1 1RL


”Tonight i took a trip up to my local muci pub The Hope and Anchor to see Saigon Blue Rain. I’ve wanted to see them for a while and Velevet Sheep brought them over from Paris to play a show with  three other bands, non of which i was that botherd about to be honest before i arrived at the pub but they all turned out to be quite good. I was in the process of organising a gig here in London with Saigon Blue Rain but i was beaten to it! I couldn’t get the bands together that i wanted so oh well!!”


Geeta ©ClaudiaBlack2015









”Geeta was on first!! She hails from Montreal but now lives in London! She’s into dreams and gravity and cinema and poetry and all that!!She sounds like Bjork and Siouxie crossed with Android Lust with hints of Sopor Aeturnus thrown into the mix. The music is like taking a walk through spun sugar whilst figures on stilts throw sticks covered in chocolate at you! It’s light and airy with with fronds of denseness thrown up in your way to keep you on your toes! First impressions, i like!!!”


Black Casino & The Ghost ©ClaudiaBlack2015

Black Casino & The Ghost


”Black Casino and The Ghost have a confident groove that comes from the hips and a spaced out backing that is a bit tinny. I have never seen nor heard of this band before either but my first impressions, interesting!! A bit bluesy with Scandinavian overtones, a drummer who was in Kula Shaker and a bassist with the same surname as a certain bassist who plays in Motorhead!!The set was short due to the proceedings starting a  bit late but i heard enough to be curious and wanting to check them out online lafter the gig!”


Saigon Blue Rain ©ClaudiaBlack2015

Saigon Blue Rain



”Mesmerizing,  a sound that arrests all thought and cultivates dreams! A sound that sends shivers down the spine and causes certain muscles to go into spasms! The interplay between vocals, guitar and bass is like smoke dancing in and  out of the gaps in a filigree fence. Its like spell casting, all the the right ingredients put together in just the right way to create  magic that conjures the spirits of rejuvenation from within, snap!! Just like that!! A slight issue with feed back to start with but once that had been dealt with, perfect!!”



Zeitgeist Zero

Zeitgeist Zero Taken with a smartphone!










”Zeitgeist  Zero, a new band for that i found intriguing!! The vocalist  fascinated me for some reason!! There was a goth vibe mixed with a metal vibe mixed with a cabaret vibe and a 20’s vibe mixed with a 50’s R&R vibe. It all worked and i found my self sat on a stool playing an imaginary kick drum and doing some headbanging lite!! Very good band!”



Dir En Grey Live at The 02 Academy Islington


No photo pass this time so it was poor mobile shots!!














”What can i say?? Dir En Grey have been around since the late 1990’s and their style has morphed over the years but it can be described as Prog Metal, Alt Metal, Nu Metal, experimental Metal with pop and Visual Kei overtones. Their name is made up of words from different languages and was originally used because it sounded ”right”. There is now no meaning other than being a signpost to the band itself. I got into Dir En Grey around 7 years ago and i’ve played the albums ”Withering To Death” , ”marrow To The Bone” and ”Ourobouros” to death!! There are nine albums in all, ”Arche” of which is the latest!!”



Poor Shot #2













”I have finally ticked them off of my ”Got to see before i die” list, They are brilliant live, full of energy that is consumed by the crowd and then shot right back at them! at times i had shivers running down my spine due to the crowd noise and the vocal gymnastics of lead singer Kyo. I got the impression that there was a ”sonic 69” going on between artist and onlooker because the energy got quite intense.”


Poor Shot #3












”Kyo’s vocals are amazing!! he is a Japanese Diamanda Galas, one minute crooning, then screeching like a banshee then growling like a demon possessed before shifting into clean vocal mode and hitting the high notes like a well honed operatic diva. It was like watching a musical painting being painted right in front of me, the low and growling darks followed by high and clean whites all used to great effect to create an impressive whole!! The only thing that would get me to watch Baby Metal live is if Dir En Grey were headlining!! Seriously, they are that good!! i don’t care that i cannot understand Japanese, so what!! Everything else makes up for that and i can always use my imagination to conjure my own unique interpretations!! I’ll definitely be going to see these guys again!!!”
”The support band, Rise Of The Nothstar, not really my cup of tea and from where i was standing up iin the balcony when they played i did not get the full force of their sound. The youngsters liked them though, each to their own!!”






Venue:- The RoundHouse Camden 18th October 2015



The Sisters Of Mercy

The Sisters Of Mercy











”Now that i have slept and metabolized all the doom bar i drank last night and fortified myself with chicken livers i can offer my thought on last night proceeding s at the RoundHouse!! Black Moth were more enjoyable than The Sisters Of Mercy!!! Their sludge rock sound was a lot more interesting to listen to because it was fresher and played by a bunch of people that have not been hamstrung by age and thus still have a spring in their step. Andrew Eldritch sounded tired and it felt like he was going through the motions at times. The music did not have the oomph it had back in the day and all i could hear at times was screeching!! I mean seriously, how long can you keep on serving the same fare to your admirers without adding something new to the mix to freshen and spice things up?? But people are not there for new stuff are they? They are there to hear the old classics that were the sound track for a generation of goths back in the early eighties to the early nineties! ”First and Last and Always” , ”This Corrosion”, ”Lucretia” , ”Temple of Love” etc did not sound the same to me and i did not have the same level of enthusiasm for them as i used to. I think the high priest of Goth forgot the words to Temple Of Love too if i am not mistaken! I think i’ll listen on vinyl/cd/mp3 from now on and get my kicks that way!! i got bored after taking a few photos, which was bloody difficult from where i was standing on the right hand side of the stage not only because of the dry ice but also because of the jostling!! I could not be bothered to fight my way into the front row so i took some shots from the side and went in search of some ale, way too much ale for a Sunday night but hey….”



Harriet Bevan Of Black Moth

Harriet Bevan Of Black Moth




















” I’m not at all familiar with Black Moths output but they sound a bit like BRMC crossed with Black Sabbath crossed with The Stooges. I just listened to their track ”Room 13” on YouTube, it’s a cracking track!! Harriet Bevan’s vocals sound like something i’ve heard before but when i think i have got my answer it slips back into the recesses of my brain with a teasing smirk accompanied by the refrain ”No you haven’t!! No you haven’t!!….!! They were definitely on the money tonight and looked like they were enjoying themselves, to start with not many people were in the auditorium to experience them but gradually the place filled up and eyes and ears aligned themselves in stage direction showing genuine interest!!”



The Sisters Of Mercy

The Sisters Of Mercy











”To sum up, i am glad i went!! i am glad to have had the experience!! It was nice to see a harem of Goths all under one roof and it was nice to bump into old friends from the past! will i go again in 10 years time, if Andrew Eldritch still has some energy left? Who knows……….”