Michael Schenker Live!!

Venue: _ Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK
Date:- 2/11/2017

”I’ve never seen Michael Schenker live before although i have listened to his music now and again either as a solo artist or when he was in The Scorpions. When i came across a competition online to win tickets to see him live i thought ”Fuck it, what have i to lose??” I won a ticket!! Off i trundle down to Shepherds Bush on the Circle line and arrive at the venue just as support band The Departed are taking to the stage!! I’ve never heard of them before and to be honest on first exposure they were not my thing. My fires were lit but they only flickered not roared, that had to do with the extreme belly ache i acquired once i had found a suitable spot stage left to stand. Anyway the sound was hard rock 80’s style, a bit Bon Jovi, a bit David Coverdale, well executed and well rehearsed and confident onstage, something you’d expect from a band that i read afterwards had played on bills with the likes of Graham Bonnet, Status quo and Ginger Wildheart. As i write this my view of The Departed is one of comme si comme ca, something to try again at a later date sans belly ache!!”

”From where i stood stage left there were people who had no interest in The Departed whatsoever, they stood impatiently waiting for the main act of the evening, when the intro music started playing these guys were shaken out of their chats, their eyes pulled away from their phones and an air of life and excitement meandered through the tightly packed throngs!! My experience of the Michael Schenker set was, like for The Departed, sullied by a, at this point, worsening belly ache. But the musicianship and charisma was not lost on me!! There were 5 guys onstage but my eyes were constantly drawn to the right hand side of said stage only offering cursory glances to the rest of the band, sometimes it was as if they were invisible. he could have stood at the back of the stage in the shadows and the charisma would have lit him up like a firecracker. As i am not familiar with any of the tracks played tonight i’m unable to pick a stand out track that wowed me or the crowd, all i can say is that it was a great 90 odd minutes of musicianship that did on occasion become tedious, i mean some of the guitar solos just went on for way too long and my inner voice kept piping up and saying ”Oh FFS get with it, you can play, i know!!”

”And then about 45 minutes to an hour into the set the sound in the venue cut out for 15 or so minutes, i took the time to freshen up and mitigate against the effects of my belly ache to no avail. When the band came back onstage i stood right at the back behind a crowded bar for the remainder of the set. And then i left….”








Metal To The Masses Heat 3

Venue:- Nambucca, Holloway Road, London, UK.

Unheard Before The Wake:- Melodic Death Metal

Bad Frankenhausen:- Heavy Metal

Xelas:- Melodic Death Metal

Mercury Rising:- Hard Rock  (Did not see)

”Four Bands playing short sets of around 3/4 songs and then they wait to see who has been voted into the next round by the crowd and judges! I have not seen or heard of any of the bands on tonight’s bill but i did enjoy Xelas and Unheard Before The Wake, very Cradle Of Filth/Dimmu Borgir etc!”


Bad Frankenhausen

Bad Frankenhausen








Unheard Before The Wake

Unheard Before The Wake








Unheard Before The Wake

Unheard Before The Wake









Unheard Before The Wake

Unheard Before The Wake
































Schadegeddon Live At The Fighting Cocks Pub, Kingston, London, May 1st 2015












”Last night i took a train from Waterloo down to Kingston to see Schadegeddon at The Fighting Cocks Pub. I nearly did not make it due to a massive queue at my local station where i bought my ticket being dealt with by one member of staff and then there was an issue with ticket prices that were different to the station database and online ticketing outlets. After some disagreements i finally got to the venue one minute before the band went onstage.”

”How does one describe Schadegeddon?? They describe themselves as Cabaret Rock and going by their frenetic and raucous persona would not be out of place at the Roman Celebration to Bacchus. But Friday being May 1st was not Bacchus’s day, it was  Beltane and The Roman festival Of Bona Dea! Schadenfreude, if you don’t know is the German word used to emphasis enjoyment of the misfortune of others!! I like derive pleasure from the misfortune of others, sorry but i do! Schadenfreude makes me feel better about myself and i can then wallow in their failure no matter who they are, especially when they go about their business in an arrogant manner! The band have not been together for long and this was their first show so i’m not up to speed  with their output, little as it is but there was a song about pederasts and another about looking  like Whoopi Goldberg. What else? There were bagpipes, lots of ivy, a drummer dressed as a zebra(i think) and an Imp! Yes, an Imp not a Gimp, an Imp, one minute dancing around with cock a dangling and the next corseted and knickered. So, if you like cock with your bagpipes then check out Schadegeddon!!”











”The other  bands on the bill were Lilith’s Army, Mocara and The Senton Bombs. What did i think of Lilith’s Army? Never saw them!!! Mocara were a ska/Punk/Reggae band who i’ve never heard of before, they were ok, not really my bag of chips but the drummer who goes by the name of The Swedish Beast i found mesmerising!! I can imagine him buttering toast in the same manner he beats those drums!! The Senton Bombs were on last, a hard rock band from Blackpool who’s influences include Rancid, Megadeth and The Ramones. Again, i have not heard of them before tonight, and again the drummer drew my attention but this time he’d be good at skewering ring donuts thrown from the crowd! First impressions? A good solid set from a good solid band!!”



The Senton Bombs