Venue:- Nambucca, Holloway Road, London.

Date:- 24th September 2016


Luxury Stranger

Luxury Stranger









”The sound was very good tonight, this was a good set!! There were a few people in the crowd who have been following the band for quite a while, but one of them was on stage playing bass, he was good he was! A different dynamic to the one I have been used to, no live drummer at the moment but the drum machine does it’s job! The vocals were as strong and  chocolatey  as usual, the bass accented, assertive and full! The new version of ”When The Lady Takes The Blame” is a prime example of this strength! The venue was not packed but there was a good crowd in, i’d say around 40 people!! Why Luxury Stranger are not playing to 100+ people on a regular basis is beyond me, they are one of the hardest working, dedicated and unpretentious bands around, playing gigs of around 100 minimum should be the norm!!!”




Cold In Berlin

Cold In Berlin








”I have never seen Cold In Berlin before! I enjoyed the experience, they reminded me of Black Moth, a bit doom and shoegazey, Doomgaze i’d say!! The lead singer, Maya spent a lot of time performing in the audience which was tricky for me with photos, it was dark in amongst the crowd and I don’t use flash,  but both parties fed off of each other and the energy blew the to be mentioned rustiness off the surface!  I met Maya in the loo after and she said they were a bit rusty, I said that if that is what they sounded like rusty then what the hell do they sound like on top form!!? I will try and get to see them again when they play with Christian Death in October at the 02 Islington!!”

Both of these bands deserve your attention!!!








LifeLover Konkurs










Album:- Konkurs

Release Date:- November 26th 2010

Label:- Prophesy


”I’ve listened to this album before but today i thought it deserved some more of my attention, and it held it! This is great!!!

Desolate, miserable, cold, cutting, wet, despairing, dark humour, it’s like being cut by a rusty, wet and blunt razor blade whilst sitting in a puddle of your own piss, at night under a muffled red street lamp surrounded by glass, and rodents! Textured and hypnotic with screeching that jolts out of reverie!! What else can i add?? Not a lot! Shoe gaze in places mixed with post punk slivers topped off with generous shavings of metal, black metal, of course one would expect nothing less!! LifeLover started life in 2005 in Sweden and are credited with  being a big influence on the metal sub genre of Depressive Suicidal Metal. If you are going to be depressed and suicidal then be it with style!!”

Stand out Tracks:- Strangt P.G.A Semester and Bitter Reflektion















European Ghost











Album:- Pale And Sick
Released:- June 5th 2016
Label:- Unknown Pleasures, France


”Dark, desolate, cold, despairing, Hypnotic, I think of a deep dark cavern with minimal light entering the darkest recess, i feel the isolation and the despair of being in such a dark place, a fear that roots me to the spot, i dare not move, but then i do, i have to, i feel the courage overtake that fear and i find a path through the dark using touch, smell and the minute changes in air pressure! I learn to be a bat, i see in the dark, all obstacles can be overcome!! The sound of this album does not seem cluttered, it is evenly spaced, airy in places but it is very textured!! I can see the sound!! Mossy damp walls, cold dry shards of flint, crumbly sandstones and the decay of rotting matter!! Have you read Gormenghast? I see The Thing, feral, wild and free!! The world of man is a disease!!”

”Tracks that i like are ”Unreal Space” and ”Sex in Kepler” and the final track ”European Ghost” The last track has a Alan Vega/Marty Rev vibe to it, very shivery!!”

I like this album!!!  It has the potential to be a favourite!!

Winter Severity Index














Album:- Human Taxonomy

Release Date:- May 2016

Released by Manic Depression Records.


”Any record that sends cold shivers down my spine is a great record in my book!! There are some records that don’t immediately impress but over a succession of plays you get into the groove and all the delights of the production start to jump out and make themselves known!! I like that kind of music, not readily accessible but it grows on you!! This album however gets under the skin after only a couple of plays! It is Ansel Adams like in tones!! Deep blacks through shades of grey right down to the purest white!! It is aggressively hypnotic and extremely satisfying, conjuring up reels and reels of imagery, this would have been my soundtrack for a recent trip to a cemetery! I’m reminded of Xmal Deutschland, Dead Can Dance and also Wolfgang Press, Siouxsie and early Cure (Faith) My favourite tracks are ”Waiting Room” and ”5 Am” . The latter reminds me of ”Ha Howa Ha Howa” by SexWitch for some reason!! The images come thick  and fast and the urge to move and gyrate is hard to suppress and i feel shivery and every pore dances with the pulses emanating from my speakers!!! 7 tracks of pure heaven!!!”





Radikal Rubber By Dave Roca











Release Date:- June 2016

Mastered by Reza Uhdin

Copyright:- Dave Roca/Looking For Lucifer Recordings

”This is the first solo album created by Dave Roca, vocalist/bassist with The Underrunners. It’s an album inspired by the decadent society we live in and the control that technology has over our lives, technologies that are marketed as liberating and making life so much easier but conversely turning us all into compliant junkified slaves that can’t live life in it’s age old analogue form any longer, we acquiesce like the good little drones we are happy to have our daily dose digital smack…… sorry, i went off on one then!”

”In the words of the artist/musician/producer/arranger himself :- ”This album is more robotic and futuristic than Underrunners material, it is an album to be feared not loved!! As long as it is not ignored any reaction but that!! My  words! You should come away from listening to this album with a few self directed questions and if you don’t then go listen again until you do!!!

”I’ll be honest, this album did not grab me by the lapels on first listen, i felt it lacked some oomph BUT Its bloody good on second listen! Once my ears had become accustomed to the mix  my head was filled with  landscapes!! Cornish landscapes and Icelandic landscapes!! Deep gorges and high water falls and steep cliffs rising majestically over long sandy beaches!! The tone is reflective and pensive without being morose, it is thoughtful and ghostly in places with the usual undertones of Pete Murphy! You are taken deep down into dark places before ascending for fresh air, a welcome antidote to subterranean musings!! The vocals can be a bit Billy Mackenzie at times too and to a lesser extent Lisa Marie Presley!! That’s not a bad thing, let me make that clear!!”

This is a very good listen and i expect it to improve as time goes on!!




The Album can be bought/downloaded from:-





and many other outlets.



Savages Live!!!

Venue:- The Tufnell Park Dome, Tufnell Park (As if if it would have been anywhere else!), London, UK.











” When i arrive, late due to the traffic, the show was three tracks old! The pace was  packed and very steamy.There was no photo area so i had to make do with snapping from within and on the periphery of the crowd. Savages are just that live, savage. The sound is repetitive and hypnotic. is funky and hard and melodic and is very reminiscent of early Siouxie and The Banshees! The comparison  jumps straight out at you and presents itself with no delay or distraction! This is  clear on tracks like   ‘The Answer”, ” She Will”, ”Fuckers” but mostly on ”Strife” and ”Marshal Daer”PJ Harvey jumps out at you when listening to ”TIWYG” but mostly its pure Savages!! The set was full of energy and the band did not let up until the end, Jhenny Beth indulging in a bit crowd surfing near the end, i think it was the track before ”Fuckers”. My first time at a Savages show, well worth it in my view!!”
















VENUE:- THE Hope and Anchor Pub, upper Street Islington, N1 1RL


”Tonight i took a trip up to my local muci pub The Hope and Anchor to see Saigon Blue Rain. I’ve wanted to see them for a while and Velevet Sheep brought them over from Paris to play a show with  three other bands, non of which i was that botherd about to be honest before i arrived at the pub but they all turned out to be quite good. I was in the process of organising a gig here in London with Saigon Blue Rain but i was beaten to it! I couldn’t get the bands together that i wanted so oh well!!”


Geeta ©ClaudiaBlack2015









”Geeta was on first!! She hails from Montreal but now lives in London! She’s into dreams and gravity and cinema and poetry and all that!!She sounds like Bjork and Siouxie crossed with Android Lust with hints of Sopor Aeturnus thrown into the mix. The music is like taking a walk through spun sugar whilst figures on stilts throw sticks covered in chocolate at you! It’s light and airy with with fronds of denseness thrown up in your way to keep you on your toes! First impressions, i like!!!”


Black Casino & The Ghost ©ClaudiaBlack2015

Black Casino & The Ghost


”Black Casino and The Ghost have a confident groove that comes from the hips and a spaced out backing that is a bit tinny. I have never seen nor heard of this band before either but my first impressions, interesting!! A bit bluesy with Scandinavian overtones, a drummer who was in Kula Shaker and a bassist with the same surname as a certain bassist who plays in Motorhead!!The set was short due to the proceedings starting a  bit late but i heard enough to be curious and wanting to check them out online lafter the gig!”


Saigon Blue Rain ©ClaudiaBlack2015

Saigon Blue Rain



”Mesmerizing,  a sound that arrests all thought and cultivates dreams! A sound that sends shivers down the spine and causes certain muscles to go into spasms! The interplay between vocals, guitar and bass is like smoke dancing in and  out of the gaps in a filigree fence. Its like spell casting, all the the right ingredients put together in just the right way to create  magic that conjures the spirits of rejuvenation from within, snap!! Just like that!! A slight issue with feed back to start with but once that had been dealt with, perfect!!”



Zeitgeist Zero

Zeitgeist Zero Taken with a smartphone!










”Zeitgeist  Zero, a new band for that i found intriguing!! The vocalist  fascinated me for some reason!! There was a goth vibe mixed with a metal vibe mixed with a cabaret vibe and a 20’s vibe mixed with a 50’s R&R vibe. It all worked and i found my self sat on a stool playing an imaginary kick drum and doing some headbanging lite!! Very good band!”