Ziggy Stardust and Lemmy Kilminster

‘’I’ve never been a big fan of David Bowie or Motorhead! Bowie’s output after 1980 held no interest for me and i had no inclination to explore it. I had one album by Motorhead, Ace Of Spades, that i listened to sparingly because it was to loud, too intense and made me want to throw up!! But i remember seeing David Bowie on the telly around 1972/3 and i was fascinated by this orange haired androgynous being that fascinated others in turn! I thought, ‘’Wowww’’, The image struck a cord with me and somewhere inside my mind i was saying ‘’That’s me!’’ without realizing it! Lemmy on the other hand fascinated me for a different reason, ‘’Fuck you, i’m doing it my way and if you don’t like it then, well, fuck you!!’’ was his message! I identified with that, i had a disciplinarian father who ruled the house with a rod of iron, Lemmy was the antidote to that. I already had a ‘’I want to do it my way’’ attitude, there was no ‘’fuck you!’’ attached to it, that only came later when people would try and stop me!! Although i have been listening to Bowie’s and Lemmy’s final albums recently both of which i really like these two icons of their time, these two colossus of the stage that have been familiar fixtures in my life for the best part of 40 years will be remembered for things that go beyond their musical output!!’’

‘’They are both in the bar upstairs having a double JD and coke with Alan Rickman and looking down on us saying, what would they be saying? You decide!!’’