Sonik Chokolate at The Unicorn Pub, Camden, London, 16/4/2015











Sonik Chokolate was an event that i organised so that i could dip my fingers into the area of band promotions. For my first event i decided to have two alternative/post punk bands with a metal band sandwiched in between. I was not sure of the running order to start with but eventually i stuck to ”The Sandwich”. Overall i considered the evening to be a success, the venue was not packed but 30 or so people turned up, not a damp squib after all!! Only the first and last bands got to sound check which i thought was a bit off, there was plenty of time for all three to sound check if i’m honest and seeing that there were only three bands instead of four then all of them should have been sound checked, in my opinion!!! Funnily enough i thought RIP Sanity, who played second had the best sound and they did not even bloody sound check!! The band just went for it with a positive and energetic set that impressed me alot. They went through old and new tracks like ”Ockhams Razor”, ”Purge The Infected” with a vigour that was not there at their last show at Metal To The Masses. Luxury Stranger did a workmanlike set as one would expect from Nottingham’s Finest meandering through tracks such as ”Diver” and ”Wish”.This was their first show of 2015 and it was an honour to have them play Sonik Chokolate. Last on were The Underrunners, regulars on the London gig circuit. Again, another workman like set, playing songs from their most recent Album ”No God No King” But, i don’t know what happened between the sound check and their set but the sound was off!! The bass was not as prominent as it usually is,  at the sound check they were spot on but for the actual set the sound was wrong. I stood at the back by the mixing desk and the guitar and bass were non existent in places and what would have been a great set was ruined because of this. What the sound guy was doing i don’t know, did he forget to change the levels or was there some nefarious force at play?? Who knows, what ever it was it decreased the enjoyment of the set for me and i suspect for a few in the audience. How the sound is perceived by different people is subjective and i expect that a few would disagree with my comments above, which of course is fair enough but i stand by my view!!!

There are a few things to think about when i organise another event but all in all i consider this event to be a success!!!

Three Cheers For Me!!!!



Hocico Live at The Slime light, London, 4/4/2015

Something to do whilst i await the band!!

Something to do whilst i await the band!!










“I am bored!! Really bored!! I have been standing on the right hand side of the stage at The Slime light for over 70 minutes and still no sign of Hocico!! I was reliably informed they would be on stage at 1am, no they fucking are not! I am standing here bored, reluctant to move in case someone pinches my place, I have aching knees and my neck hurts! This is fucking out of order………


Erik Garcia AKA Erk Aicrag of Hocico.

Erik Garcia AKA Erk Aicrag of Hocico.










……..But now they are on they are bloody amazing!!! Hocico are from Mexico City and they have been performing for around 22 years. They can be classed as an Aggro tech/Industrial/EBM band that cite Skinny Puppy as one of their influences. The word ” Hocico” means “Snout” in English and  is used in a disrespectful way to describe other peoples comments! Erik Garcia and Oscar Mayorga have been experimenting with technology to produce their visceral, aggressive and energetic style of music since they were 15 years old. This set was fast paced and from where I was standing extremely loud. The audience were a patient lot and the hard core welcomed them with open arms when they set foot on the stage, me, I was still irritated by their late arrival but I soon forgot! The set was just over an hour long, I took my photos and moved to the back of the venue to save my ears near to the end which I thought was abrupt when it came. There have been a few releases since 2004’s “Wrack and Ruin” and 2008’s ” Memorials Atras” so I’m not really up to speed with most recent stuff but what was played tonight certainly warrants more research!!”

Erik Garcia of Hocico ©ClaudiaBlack2015

Erik Garcia of Hocico












”To sum up, it was a good show but i am disappointed at the lateness and the abrupt end!!”