Marilyn Manson :- The Pale Emperor/Tryptykon:- Melana Chasmata

This will be my 4th attempt at writing a review of this album, i started one 6 weeks ago and i got bored! The 2nd time i started i got sidetracked! And the 3rd time no words would come forth in any coherent way so i deleted them!! Ifi don’t get my views out now then i think i’ll give up on this as a lost cause, i suppose that in itself will be my review!!

”Its a good album!! It is polished and well produced, listenable with its abrasiveness and sleazy scummyness, The guitars sound like someone trying to bend rusty metal and there is a bluesy overtone that gives a feeling of smokey dive bars full of sweat and fading glamour, But what made me sit up and listen in the 1990’s, what got me excited and pissed off those in authority is no longer there. Its like this is all he knows and this is what he does well so just do it!! 20 years ago i’d be listening to Marilyn Manson with a sneer on my face whilst i applied my eyeliner in copious amounts whilst also drinking glasses of wine,in copious amounts. Today i could see myself vacuuming the carpets or washing the dishes with The Pale Emperor as background noise. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good listen but, but, i got tired!!! I go full circle back to my original feeling 6 weeks ago, i got bored!!!


Track Listing:-

1:- Killing Strangers

2:- Deep Six

3:- Third Day Of A Seven day Binge

4:- The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles

5:- Warship My Wreck

6:- Slave Only Dreams To Be King

7;- The Devil Beneath My Feet

8:- Birds Of Hell Awaiting

9:- Cupid Carries a Gun

10:- Odds Of Even


The Album ”Melana Chasmata” by Tryptykon on the other hand is a stonkingly great album!! Triptykon are lead by Thomas Gabriel Fischer, he of the now defunct Celtic Frost. This gets my blood pumping and send shivers down my spine and draws my attention to the fact that i am in fact not dead yet!! Celtic Frost were an influence on many bands in the mid to late eighties onwards in feeding and growing the death/black/Thrash Genres and they themselves were influenced by Bauhaus and Christian Death. Tryptykon carry on where Celtic Frost left off and adding their mark to metal in the 21st Century! Need i say more? Go check for yourself!!


Track Listing:-

1:- Tree Of Suffocating souls

2:- Boleskine House

3:- Altar Of Deceit

4:- Breathing

5:- Aurorae

6:- Demon Pact

7:- In The Sleep Of Death

8:- Black Snow

9:- Waiting

Cauldronated Live at The Unicorn, Camden, 30/1/2015


“I have seen Cauldronated many times and an observation I have time and time again is that most of the crowd have turned up for Cauldronated and Cauldronated only. Whether they play first, second, third or headline the punters crowd into the auditorium to hear their well rehearsed and foot tappy delights and then leave as swiftly as they arrived. What is it about them that captivates? Charisma is high on the list! Eva Menon and Dave Barbarossa could stand stock still for 45 minutes in some kind of chiaroscuro performance art piece and still enthrall an audience to death. You either have it or you don’t and these guys have it in abundance!!!!”


“As I have stated in previous reviews the set is highly polished, well rehearsed and Eva has become a more confident and consummate performer. She owns that stage and makes the proceedings compelling and intriguing!! This was the light that shone brighter than the other performers on this bill and in my opinion they just have to try harder. I do remember briefly having a listen to the last artist on stage, David ID, and I found his soundscapes interesting and they deserve further investigation but the performance had the enthusiasm sucked out of it by the fact that there was only a few people left to witness it. David ID called it quits after I’d heard two tracks mumbling, if I remember correctly ” What’s the point?” Grab peoples attention and don’t let it go I suppose is the point!


Cauldronated can be found also on Facebook and SoundCloud and Itunes