The Danse Society :- If I Was Jesus/Sound Of Silence




Release Date:- 5th December 2014 on Itunes, Amazon etc


A brief history:- Formed in 1980, split in 1986 and then reformed again around 2009. For the full Biography check the bands website or Wikipedia.


It’s Chriiiiiismaaaaasssssss!!! The season of ”Good Will”,sherry trifle, dry turkey, presents no one wants, the cohabitation of people who can’t stand each other in the same room smiling through gritted teeth and wondering when they can go down the pub and hang out with decent folk!It is also the time for a plethora of Yule Tide Odes mostly odious to be projectile vomited out into the public sphere. Christmas for me was once a magical time when i was really young but that magic wore off as i got older. I’d go to church when i was knee high to a grass hopper and i’d have parts in the nativity play so the religious aspect was not lost on me. As i got older Christmas was about the time off school, the foods we’d not have during the rest of the year, the treats, the relaxing of rules and the play. In my teenage years the magic began to wane and the whole concept of Christmas began to lose its appeal, ”  Can i have the time off work and the booze/food without all the bullshit?” Small get togethers with friends without all the stress were more appealing, Jesus was never my friend, why do i need to use him as an excuse to have a celebration? “If I Were Jesus”  critiques and comments on Christmas like i have, its commercialism and the shifting from its original purpose. ”Did you need excuses, to buy presents for all your friends? What’s it got to do with me??” The track lolls along in a pensive way with a staccato like bass and shrill guitar which stabs into the proceedings like a stiletto in flesh and the vocal darts in and out of the shadows, one minute clear and the next slightly muffled like it’s behind a curtain or drape.I find it hard to follow sometimes so i stand my ground and wait for it to come back to me. Mulled wine and Old Holborn, well worn wood, the smell of leather forever vignetted………

“Sound Of Silence” is, for those who don’t know a cover of a Simon and Garfunkel song written in 1964 and included on the album “Wednesday Morning 3am” The original sounds like a day-dream. Apparently it was written in the bathroom with the lights out, a stream of consciousness conjured by the sound of running water. It is however a light and breezy ode to non communication written in isolation!

The Danse Society mix is smokey, a bit like you are sitting in a dark smokey wood in the dead of night and hearing the sounds snake and ripple through the trees whilst you sit on a mound of damp moss, elbows on knees staring blankly into the distance with moist eyes and kohl trails streaking their way down to the corners of your mouth, the perfect soundtrack to a preoccupied mind delving the depths for answers to questions that you did not know you were asking!! I think the vocals in this version could be a bit further forward in the mix but other than that its a great rendition. I think there’s an E Bow in there too, is that an E Bow? I’ve heard the Sharleen Spiteri version (The Movie Songbook)which i found a bit naked and the Bananarama version (Viva) was girly but with simple funky bass.

To sum up i’d say this is an good Double A side, it won’t be  everyones cup of tea and to others it’ll be an acquired taste!


Sound Of Silence Versions:-


Bananarama (Viva 2009)

Pat Mentheny (2011 What’s It All About)

Sharleen Spiteri (The Movie Song Book)




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